Event date and time
event date: 2020.2.22(sat)9:00~12:00
place: Aburagafuchi Waterside Park Shizen fureai seitaien
Address:Anjo-City Higashibata-tyo
Inquiry: (0566)71-1881 (Kaisoku AC)11:00~19:00 Closed on Tuesdays
または 090-6571-8464(sakai) 11:00~13:00 Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
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Event supplementary information

Sports Festival2.2.22
Sports Festival2.2.22ura

Apply for relay marathon

Application deadline:2020/2/14(Fri)24:00

1. even one person can apply for participation. Solo entry OK
2.friends and family can also apply. Participation fee is 500 yen per person, collected on the day. Please note that you will not receive a receipt.
3. On the day, we plan to organize a mixed team including Japanese and foreigners at the secretariat, so please look forward to it.
※If there are many applicants, the deadline may be early.

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